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Our Mission

Financial security is an interesting oddity: everyone knows they need it, but very few people know how to have (and keep) it.

Wealthbridge Financial Advisors is one of those rare hybrids: a company with exceptionally skilled financial industry professionals providing family office-level services without the arduous qualification process and seven-figure annual costs.

Wealthbridge offers comprehensive financial services and execution from retirement strategy and 401K options, to tax evaluation and management, to estate planning and family company management. The Wealthbridge suite of services caters to a wide range of client profiles from the single parent to the family of four to the eight-figure income corporate executive.

Tim Randle – Wealthbridge’s founder and principal, is an experienced and educated Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Chartered Financial Consultant® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with over a decade’s experience managing intricately detailed accounts. His knack for pinpoint accuracy, his impervious resolve regarding financial “trends” and his accomplished military background is the trifecta that makes his financial advisory expertise second-to-none.

While Wealthbridge is not officially classified as a family office, that exactly describes its concept. “We provide reasonably priced family office-level services to wonderful members of the community because we believe the multitude – and not just the super-rich – should have access to the best financial advisory services. We are committed to providing exactly that,” said Randle.

One of the Wealthbridge Financial Advisors tenets is its intentionally limited client base. Personalized and responsive attention to a boutique sized client list is how Wealthbridge maintains its integrity and doesn’t spread its dedication too thin. It’s also why the Wealthbridge team enjoys being known as the “People First” financial advisor.

We’re not ‘robo-advisors,’ algorithms, or clerks typing information into software and reciting the results. Our service is personal and personalized.
— Tim Randle


Remember: Our disciplined process is focused on you.