Many, but certainly not all, of our clients can be described by one of the outlines below.

Middle-Class Family

Includes 2 working professional parents with solid work experience and job security. Household income of $100,000 to $200,000, though often varies dependent on whether one is a highly paid sole income earner and the other a stay-at-home or part-time working parent. They have 2-3 children and extremely full schedules with professional, family, and miscellaneous responsibilities. Family has a need for fiduciary advice and guidance on long-term goals through financial planning or more direct help managing investments, perhaps with an old 401(k), proceeds from the sale of a home, inheritance, or life insurance distribution. Seeking help from a trustworthy advisor to know they are making sound decisions in order to meet retirement goals. 

Small/Mid-Size Business Owner

Individual heavily involved with daily business operations and business management decisions. Has an active social or family life with a need for help with deploying savings (or capital) to accumulate personal wealth tax-efficiently, build retirement assets, or grow business capital through investment. Wishes to leverage time so they can focus on the business where their attention is crucial. There is a need for diversification away from business income and equity to avoid net worth concentration risk. Individual wants help with employer retirement savings plans; 401(k), SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA, etc. Also, small business owners who have sold their businesses with a need for full-service wealth management integrated with trusted advisors for tax and estate planning needs to preserve their wealth, maintain the lifestyle they wish, and grow their legacy.

High Net Worth IndividuaL

Extremely career-focused individuals often having aggressive schedules that may include travel or a heavy time commitment in their role. They want to optimize their most precious commodity: time. They are high-income earners who have an ability to save and invest beyond 401(k) and IRA maximum contributions. They pay close attention to their savings and investments and want an advisor to help them craft a financial plan, create a tax-efficient wealth management strategy, and build a path towards their goals. Looking for a holistic investment strategy based on the whole picture of their net worth with asset allocation decisions integrated into the plan. Also wants a high-touch lifetime relationship.