Services We Offer

Wealthbridge Financial Advisors is not a family office, but you’d never know it based on our comprehensive services. To provide this diverse set of services, we partner with an entire team of accountants, attorneys, residential and commercial real estate specialists, business valuation specialists, and professional athlete mentors throughout the country. Founder and Principle Tim Randle is a technical specialist in retirement planning, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, and in every functional area of college planning including dedicated college fund savings, financial aid, budget coaching, loans, and financing.

Through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Wealthbridge offers comprehensive portfolio analysis, management, modeling, monitoring and execution. With diversity and a broadened reach in mind, through Cambridge Investment Research, Wealthbridge provides alternative investments including oil and gas contracts, real estate investment trusts (REIT’s), exchange traded funds (ETF’s), hedge funds, real estate management, and many others as all securities are offered through Cambridge and the financial planning services are provided through CIRA.


Financial Planning

Wealthbridge offers comprehensive financial planning without the need to have assets under management; however, full planning is included for all asset management clients. Every client has a plan. After establishing and defining the financial planner relationship in the exploratory meeting(s), the process begins as follows:

Our financial planning process

Our financial planning process

Estate Planning & Tax Services

We know your future requires having a confident leader to properly manage all the aspects of your estate planning – a reliable resource with both traditional and specialized estate planning knowledge. Tim Randle regularly liaises with estate planning attorneys and accountants, plus he’s comfortable managing family companies.

No one looks forward to tax season, but Wealthbridge has a seamless system including tax preparation and management – through coordination with tax preparers – helping you breeze through the process.


Corporate Support & Risk Management

Corporate support services include 401k management, 401k fiduciary, liability, group insurance, qualified retirement plans, buy and sell agreements, group long-term care, and group life.

When it’s time to invest in the future of those you love, turn to Wealthbridge for sound structuring of your life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability insurance needs.


Divorce Support & Bill Paying

In a non-confrontational setting, we quickly help clients divide assets and liabilities in a private, fair, informed, and equitable manner. In less-than-amicable circumstances, we advocate for our clients by discovering the true value of assets, discover hidden or incorrectly valued assets, and provide expert witness testimony.

From property management to sales to purchasing, we efficiently and effectively assist with ensuring your accounts – including auto, real estate, businesses, franchises, etc. – are paid on time.